4 Ways to Start Your Career in Crypto/ Blockchain/ Defi

4 Ways to Start Your Career in Crypto/Blockchain/Defi

With sensational growth and interest in the cryptocurrency space, new companies are emerging, and existing companies are creating arms of their business to transition into the market. Job growth is inevitable and for companies to succeed they will need to hire the right people. As a candidate in today’s job market, you are facing an interesting time where the ball is in your court. These 4 ideas will help you find your place in the new world: 

  1. A well-polished online profile & resume 
  2. Intentional networking via traditional and nontraditional platforms 
  3. Industry related personal passion projects  
  4. Crash courses 

A well-polished online profile & resume

Put yourself in a place to be found. Establishing your professional capabilities online is crucial to increasing your exposure to companies that are hiring. Traditional methods such as word of mouth and referrals will always exist, but the world of recruitment relies heavily on digital avenues. In most cases algorithms determine whether a real human ever gets an eye on your profile. If you can’t get past the algorithms, then getting an interview will be tough.  

Whether it is your LinkedIn profile or resume on a job board, having the correct keywords will dramatically impact your ability to be seen. These keywords can be hard skills, soft skills, or industry specific language. 

Examples of these words could be crypto, defi, DLT, ERC-20, NFT, blockchain, solidity, rust, KPI’s, leadership, change management, ITIL, PMP etc.  

Intentional networking via traditional and non-traditional platforms

You would be surprised how eager complete strangers are to help you. We have always heard of those corny one liner such as “show me your network and I will show you your net worth”. As much as those make me cringe, age old adages have truth in them. This one comes down to a core human psychological principle, people love to help people. To serve gives people a sense of purpose, that they are filling a fundamental role in society. 

If you have your eyes on a specific company, I recommend connecting on LinkedIn, twitter, discord.  

As Sahil Bloom said in a twitter thread “one cold DM/Email could change your life”.  Reaching out to strangers online can be uncomfortable at first. However, success comes from leaning into these uncomfortable situations and overcoming irrational fears. This thread is how to effectively illicit a response from people can help get you started. 

Industry related personal passion projects

Throughout the last year I have worked with CEO’s, Chief People Officers, Heads of Talent Acquisitions, and line level managers in this industry on what they look for when hiring people to their organization.  
I’ve noticed a consisted theme. Personal passion projects speak volumes to hiring managers. Whether it be minting NFT’s, starting a crypto club in your community, blockchain specific computer programming projects, or even just being very active on socials about the topics that excite you, showing your passion for the industry excites hiring managers.  

In an industry that is new and disruptive, years of professional experience are limited. Companies know that, and instead are looking for people who are passionate and have demonstrated that in tangible ways.  

One of our clients mentioned that they have hired baristas who had none of the hard skills required but had incredible breadth on the technical and philosophical aspects of the industry.  

You have the library of Alexandria at your fingertips. We are entering a world of the self-taught and open-source learning. There are countless platforms for you to share your thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. Use them. 

Crash courses

Online crypto courses are amazing places to network. But let’s get one thing straight, you are not paying for the information, that is available for free online. You are paying for the chance to be connected to people with the same goal as you. Get a job in crypto.  

These courses often have career fairs as well that provide the chance to get past the algorithms and in front of hiring managers. Additionally, that certification of completion looks nice to a recruiter on your resume and online profile.  

Signing up for one of these is a great way to thrust yourself into networking. You will be forced into breakout rooms and share your opinions. Friendships, mentorships, and job opportunities will come relative to how involved you are. Take advantage of the space and put yourself out there.  

Ready for a Crypto Job?

If you are interested in a career in the cryptocurrency and/or blockchain industry, we want to help. As an agile, service-oriented consulting firm made up of passionate individuals we aim to put your needs before our own. Contact us and get us your resume! The team at Crypto Talent will be in touch with relevant job opportunities in the blockchain and crypto industry that may be a fit for you. 

If you are a company struggling to find the right people in this niche and scarce skills market. We know it is challenging enough to build technologies that will ultimately change the world. Let Crypto Talent optimize your recruiting process while you focus on hitting your business goals.