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You are on the frontier of technology. Bringing to fruition a project that will, or already is changing the world. But you can’t do it alone. Your team needs to grow to support your aspirations, but searching through the scarce talent market of the greater crypto industry is labor intensive and hiring a poor fit is an expensive set back.
That is where Crypto Talent comes in.
We understand how important each individual member of your team is to the culture and success of your company, and aim to connect you with the right people the first time. By digging past the job description to the “why” of your company, your internal culture, and what makes you exceptional, we will be able to find the right person for your team and effectively communicate why working with you is the next step in their career.
It is challenging enough to build technologies that will ultimately change the world. Let Crypto Talent optimize your recruiting process while you focus on hitting your business goals.

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Nicholas Strange
Nicholas Strange

CEO, Founding Member
Skillz: Account Relationships
Favorite Coins in `24: BTC, SOL, LINK
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Nicholas Strange
Ryan Kittinger

Founding MemberĀ 
Skillz: All things Crypto
Favorite Coin in `24: BTC, STX
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Noah Swerdloff
Noah swerdloff

Founding Member
Skillz: Customer client connections
Favorite Coin in `24: LINK, MATIC
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Nicholas Strange
Brent Strange

Board, Founding Member
Skillz: Team agility and Software Dev
Favorite Coin in `24: BTC
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